9 Most Important Tips for Dry and Itchy Skin


How to Avoid Dry and Itchy Skin ?

Dry skin looks older than oily skin as they show more wrinkles and fine lines faster. Dry skin also results in flaking and cracking of skin and times the skin may bleed. As such, you can avoid dry and itchy skin by following the below mentioned tips as recommended by eminent dermatologists of Kiran Skin & Dental Clinic such as-

1) Avoid hot baths and showers that can dehydrate your skin
2) Wash with gentle and fragrance-free soap
3) Use only unscented skincare products
4) Wear gloves when washing utensils
5) Limit your time in front of a hot stove or fireplace
6) Use humidifiers to add moisture to indoor air
7) Use milk on the skin as milk is packed with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
8) Use honey as it is one of the best natural moisturizers
9) Yogurt is a good skin-hydrating agent that helps in soothing dry and itchy skin

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