About Us

About KSC

Kiran group has been in the forefront of cutting edge and state of Art treatments since the last 40 years and is an established name in the field of Fertility, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Urology and has operations in Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Dubai, Ukraine and Kenya having treated more than 1 lakh patients in the last 40 years and its specialists and Doctors have a combined work experience of more than 200 years in various specializations and super specialization.

Now with the launch of its flagship Aesthetic and skin clinic- The” Kiran Skin and Aesthetic clinic”(KSC) aims to develop as a leader in the field of Dermato-Cosmetology in Hyderabad and Will be soon expanding to other cities in India and abroad.

The aim of the Kiran Skin and Aesthetic clinic will be to provide a holistic range of Services and treatments for treating all skin conditions in both men and women.

What sets KSC apart is the use of cutting edge technology in the form of world-class fully imported equipment from USA and Korea to provide treatments for Hair Reduction with Pain-free Diode laser. Fillers, Peels, Use of PRP, Micro-needling RF, Hair Transplants etc. all under one roof.

This combined with world Famous Dermatologists, cosmetologists and technicians will provide holistic Skincare and Rejuvenation.