fillings and restorations


Fillings and Restorations in dentistry involve replacing the missing teeth or repair the missing parts of the tooth. There may be absence of tooth structure due to deterioration, tooth decay and other factors.  Fillings are usually required in the molar or back teeth where the rate of decay is quite higher.

fillings and restoration practices will recommend the correct type of material to be used to address your particular needs.

Types of fillings and restorations

The different types of filling material used for fillings and restorations include-

  • Tooth Coloured/White fillings by using porcelain are usually used for front teeth, as they are the closest match to a natural look.  White fillings are now widely used as an alternative to dental amalgam.
  • Dental Amalgam/Silver fillings are created using material such as silver, zinc, tin, copper, mercury that are inexpensive and durable.
  • CAD/CAM Restoration is other option for extensive decays and complex tooth fractures by using Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing technology. Our dentists have expertise in these restorations in a laboratory by employing design software.
  • The other restorative dentistry treatment options available include placing crowns, bridges, and other types of dental implants.

The dentists of Kiran Skin & Dental Clinic recommend the correct type of tooth filling material to address the needs of the patients. At the same, our dentists have expertise in placing direct and indirect restorations that include inlays, on lays, crowns, bridges and veneers’.